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The influence of cloud computing cannot be overstated. Once a fascinating technological possibility, this is now a crucial component of the digital transition. And, with experts predicting 21% annual growth until 2024, there’s no hint of a slowdown. 

But just because “The Cloud” has entered common speech doesn’t mean everyone is familiar with it. Our cloud consultants have worked with approximately 200 businesses in a variety of sectors to incorporate private and hybrid cloud prospects into product development and go-to-market strategies, infrastructure, M&A opportunities, investment decisions, and more. 

Our unique viewpoint is informed by a wealth of client experience paired with proprietary market research, unrivaled access to C-suite leaders, and hundreds of conversations with important participants in the cloud ecosystem. We can see where the cloud is headed and what it means for businesses offering cloud solutions and supporting technology. 

We have worked extensively with our clients to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of cloud computing from every angle imaginable. To name a few, we have assisted the following businesses:

Examine consumer adoption patterns 
Understand how cloud usage and growth potential vary by market sector.
Determine which criteria influence cloud migration tactics throughout the entire spectrum of possibilities.
Find out what users think about the top cloud vendors and how they perceive them, as well as what influences vendor choice and conversion rates.
Create strategies for enhancing containers and serverless computing, two new phenomena that will have a significant impact on cloud computing.
Recognize how to channel strategies, margins, and possibilities are changing as a result of clouds.
Our extensive experience assures us that, whatever promises the cloud holds for you, we can assist you.

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We will support you in developing applications for cloud.